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Warming up in France

As our preparations continue we have been busy training in extreme weather conditions, testing out equipment under different temperatures and seeing how Sacha’s body holds up under extreme cold. So far so good, if you don’t count the nosedive in a microlight, blackening toes or a near dunking in a frozen lake in Sweden….

We started off in relative comfort (and warmth) by travelling to Toulouse in Southern France with Rob Keane and the team from Over Farm Microlights in Gloucestershire.

There were several purposes to this trip. It was our first overland trip, driving two of our 4x4 trucks with all our equipment on-board, including the paramotor and filming equipment.

For Sacha the trip was about getting her microlight licence, another step in our preparation for facing the extreme climatic conditions of the arctic tundra. It seems that facing a storm in a microlight is a whole lot more manageable than facing one in a paramotor – generally because they are sturdier and faster. A microlight can reach speeds of 140 kph, while the paramotor’s maximum speed is 65 kph.

Rob’s a great teacher and really put Sacha through her paces, everything from recovering from a spiral nose-dive to plotting navigation routes. One navigation exercise saw them plotting the route and then flying to see Christian Moullec, known for his ability to train swans to fly alongside his microlight.