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Winging it over the Irish coast

Meeting fellow adventurers is always great and when you are pushing the boundaries of what is considered ‘normal’ it is really helpful to share ideas. But where do you meet someone who is planning an expedition over challenging terrain in a paramotor…?

When an Irish paramotorist got in touch having seen our media coverage, I was excited.  So, over the next few days I will be on a mini expedition with Irish paramotorist, Oisin Creagh. Oisin, who is training for his own flight from Ireland to North Africa, is going to introduce me to the delights of flying along the beautiful Irish coastline of County Cork whilst we share ideas, equipment, and challenge each other. I can’t wait!

Although the temperatures and landscapes couldn’t be more different, our expeditions will actually be similar in many ways. We both have to cross borders, deal with logistical issues and get used to flying with radio communication.


It’s all about the swans

Ireland fits neatly into the Bewick’s story too. WWT’s resident swan guru, Julia Newth, tells me they used to be frequent visitors to Loch Neagh and Lough Beg in Northern Ireland.

In the 1970s there were around 2000 birds but today there are only a few tens. Hearing yet another sad statistic about the Bewick’s makes me even more passionate about Flight of the Swans (I hope you’ve signed our petition) so on with my training.


Practice makes perfect

During the Flight of the Swans expedition I will be doing a lot of coastal flying. So just taking off and landing, lots, in different places and in unknown territory, is good practice.


Swapping kit

Between us we have a few types of wings to try out in different conditions. Smaller wings will enable us to fly faster and manoeuvre more quickly, but larger might be more efficient on fuel, which will be better for a windy coastal flight over the arctic tundra where fuel is in short supply.

We’ll keep you updated on how it goes here, but look out for updates on facebook and twitter too.