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Meet Sam Vadas another one of our media volunteers

Sam is a freelance journalist and works all over the world. We are excited to welcome her as part of the team.

Here she tells us what she’s looking forward to during the expedition and shares the challenges of the selection weekend.

Q What prompted you to get involved in Flight of the Swans?

Being a journalist, I am always sniffing around for a good story to tell and randomly came across Flight of the Swans on Twitter. I instantly thought it would make a brilliant news piece, from a human-interest perspective, as well as visually. So I was automatically intrigued by the expedition, curious about the conservation issue at hand and wanted to know more. In my endeavour to do that, I found out Sacha was looking for a media team to go with her and couldn't resist applying. What journalist would think twice about travelling through some of the most remote parts of Europe, telling an incredible story to the world from the ground? 

Q What are you looking forward to most about the expedition?

I am looking forward to the stories we find and get to tell along the way. We'll be traveling through some really interesting communities on the flight path and I can't wait to find out what makes the locals tick in some places I've never even heard of. We have a really experienced media team and I look forward to seeing what we can produce and how we can unearth the story of the Bewick’s swan creatively to get the message across to the world.

Q How hard was the selection process?

The calibre of the candidates at the recruitment camp in Wales was exceptionally high, so the competition, I felt, was tough. Not to mention, we had to trek some six miles - navigating ourselves - in the middle of the night, climb obstacle courses blindfolded and write essays. Not your average job interview. But despite being a physical and mental challenge, it was one of the most fun and memorable weekends I've had and I made some great friends who I can't wait to work with.

Q What are you hoping you can bring to the expedition?

From newsrooms in remote, outback Australia to London, I've learnt a lot about media production. So I hope to be able to use my experience of filming, editing, photographing and telling unique stories, in all sorts of challenging locations, to help the team get what they want.  I love networking and hope that I can use that skill to find some great human interest stories which people may never have heard of.

Q What does Flight of the Swans mean to you?

It means being part of a hugely significant story about a unique species, which will be told to the world.  It also means being part of a team, making lifelong friendships with likeminded people and being challenged everyday, physically and mentally.