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Meet our Lituanian Paramotor partner

Q Aivaras Akramas, what was your first reaction when you heard about the plan to fly the Bewick’s whole migration route, from the Russian Arctic to the UK?

This is a really exciting flight and I want to join it.

Q Why have you offered to help out with the Flight of the Swans project?

I don’t need a reason to love flying, but with Flight of the Swans I will have a specific purpose, so that will make the flying even more pleasurable.

Q The project will highlight how important it is that countries right across Europe and Russia collaborate. Do you think it will grab the attention of Lithuanian’s?

Yes, definitely, Good ideas connect people with no borders.

Q How do you think it can help raise interest amongst Lithuanians?

Swans are very beautiful birds and everyone loves them in Lithuania. We all grow up with the fairy tale of The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen. The one in which the baby bird is teased by the other farmyard animals for being ugly, until he surprises everyone and matures into a beautiful swan. Before I heard of this trip I didn’t know the Bewick’s swans were in danger here, so we need to raise awareness.

Q What are the challenges of flying in your country?

Lithuania is flat and green with a lot of spaces to launch, fly and land. The main challenge we will face will be the strength of the wind, as we are flying in autumn and the route is close to the sea. Let’s hope we have good weather throughout the flight!

Q What kinds of landscape might we cross?

I can promise you some beautiful views. It is ten times better to see Lithuania than to read about it and to fly across our stunning country is even better.

Q What are you looking forward to?

Now that I have heard about the dangers facing the swans as they fly across my country, I am looking forward to finding out more through the Flight of the Swans project.