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Meet our danish paramotor partner……

Flying alongside the Flight of the Swans expedition whilst they were in Denmark was Danish paramotorist Allan Ronn. Here he gives us his thoughts about the expedition.

Q: Allan Ronn, what was your first reaction when you heard about the plan to fly the whole migration route of the Bewick’s swans, from arctic Russia to the UK?

Wow, what a project to be a part of. I’ve often thought of doing a long distance paramotor flight, but to follow a bird’s migration route, that is just a fantastic idea.

Q This project will highlight how important it is that countries across the flyway, from Russia through Europe, collaborate to protect vulnerable wetland environments.  But do you think the human flights along with the long mirgration of Bewick’s swans will help get the attention of your country?

In Denmark we are very aware of the importance of wildlife, so I think it will generate some attention. Especially the swan, since it is a big part of Danish culture.

Q What are the challenges of flying in Denmark?

Denmark is very flat and windy.  But there aren’t many powerlines, so usually Denmark is perfect for flying. We have some windmills, but these shouldn’t pose too much of a problem. Of course we can sometimes get thermals, but at this time of year it’s not usually an issue.

Q What kinds of landscape might we cross? 

Denmark is densely covered by a lot of marsh, woods, meadow, lakes and a lot of wildlife, but no mountains or rocks. A lot of this nature is very beautiful.

Q What are you looking forward to most from the expedition?

I have a big passion for the outdoors, wildlife and flying. So this project suits me very well.

Q: Which part of the expedition are you most looking forward to?

 I am looking forward to seeing the National Park of Thy, from above, where I hope we’ll see a lot of wildlife.

Be part of the Flight of the Swans expedition to save the Bewick’s swan and sign our petition, which demands protection for these birds and their valuable wetland habitats.