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Soldiering on

Engine failure in Poland had led to a frustrating day of non-flying, but after Brian - the team's engineer - managed to fashion a new starter coil from other parts, the expedition was back on.

With just four countries left to visit before she starts looking towards the challenges of the upcoming channel crossing at the end of her journey, Sacha is keen to keep moving.

After battling it for a few days, a bad cold made for a tough flight from Schwerin in Germany to Stauning in Denmark. Flying in the very turbulent air between storm cells Sacha also struggled with pain in her ears with the pressure changes.  You can see the full story on our latest video diary.

A day of extreme winds gave Sacha a day off flying in which she still managed to meet with Danish conservation partners and talk about their approaches to sustainable hunting - the Danes have been real pioneers in this area.

Sacha has now passed through Denmark and is back in north west Germany via the amazing coast of Vadehavet, a stunning coastal wetland vital for migrating birds.


Safe havens

On their journey the Flight of the Swan’s team have been to some amazing safe havens for migratory birds, such as Słonsk National Park in Poland, also known as The Bird Republic. Here, through the mist, they saw huge flocks of geese, swans and cranes, using the site as a stop over on their long migration.

Sights like these illustrate the numbers of birds that rely on the network of wetlands along the flyway. Despite the obvious success of these protected sites in supporting migrating birds we continue to see wetland areas disappearing. Help us protect them and sign our petition

Another success this week has been Sacha's live Q&A from Poland with an audience at WWT Martin Mere, as part of the North West Bird Fair.


The swans

Hope is on the North coast of Latvia. Eileen continues to fly further north than the others and is on Oland, an island off the coast of Sweden. Leho is still in Poland. Maisie is in Harderwijk, around 50km east of Amsterdam. Daisy Clarke is still at WWT Welney and 310 Bewick’s were counted nearby on the Ouse Washes earlier this week. At WWT Slimbridge we currently have 41 adult birds and seven cygnets.