Thursday 15th December

Our friend at Polish Birds, Jacek Karczewski, explains his feelings for the Flight of the Swans

Thursday 8th December

Watch this awesome 3D GPS track from fellow paramotorist Dan Burton who flew side by side with Sacha on Monday's channel crossing

Wednesday 7th December

Tuesday 6th December

In case you missed it this morning, here's Flight of the Swans on BBC Breakfast!

Saturday 3rd December

What weather does Sacha need to safely cross the Channel?

Expedition forecaster Carolyn Gardener recorded this explanation for us yesterday (Friday).

This weekend the winds are now too strong, but the forecast is currently looking good for Sacha to make a safe crossing on Monday morning. We'll keep you posted!

Monday 28th November

Catch up with Sacha as she contemplates crossing the English Channel by paratrike...

Sunday 27th November

While Sacha was busy on the ground at events in Germany this week, about a dozen Dutch paramotorists took to the sky from Baarlo to Hilversum in the name of Flight of the Swans. Part of the team also flew with the group to film them and the lake where Maisie the tagged swan was seen just days earlier. The team touched down in time to meet Sacha in Amsterdam where she was a guest on national television programme, RTL late night.

Saturday 26th November

Beautiful aerials above The Netherlands

Thursday 24th November

Our first tagged swan arrives at WWT Slimbridge. 

Yesterday Maisie was bobbing about on Lake Veluwemeer in the Netherlands, this morning she was spotted having breakfast at WWT Welney. According to her tag Maisie left the lake at 6pm, flew throughout the night and arrived in Norfolk at midnight. She stopped off once during her flight. After a long sleep and some time feeding she took to the skies again and arrived at WWT Slimbridge 3.5 hours later, just in time for lunch.

Thursday 24th November

The winter wonderland known as Slonsk Ramsar site in Poland

Thursday 24th November

A stunning timelapse of the Slonsk Reserve, a Ramsar site in Poland


Stunning timelapse by @sfcouk in Slonsk Reserve, a @ramsar_convention_on_wetlands site. #TogetherWeFly

A video posted by Flight Of The Swans (@wwt_swanflight) on

Tuesday 22nd November

Catch up with Sacha at Lake Veluwemeer in the Netherlands on the hunt for tagged swan Maisie

Monday 21st November

A bird’s eye view of Sacha’s flight through Germany

Thursday 17th November

Migration takes its toll

After a long flight from Schwerin in Germany to Stauning in Denmark along the beautiful Danish coast, Sacha manages a quick rest. Despite struggling with a cold and battling bad weather she continues on her mission to spread the word about the plight of the Bewick’s.

Please show you care: sign our petition here

Sunday 13th November

Sacha meets pilot

Random acts of kindness. Throughout her epic migration, Sacha’s been meeting well wishers all along the flyway, keen to find out more about Flight of the Swans.

Please show you care: sign our petition here

Saturday 12th November

Sacha in Slonsk National Park

A safe haven for Bewick’s.  Catch up with Sacha as she visits Slonsk National Park and shares her news from Poland.

Saturday 12th November

Sacha and engine failure

A starting motor failure forces Sacha to go the long way round and take the road.  One of the many challenges she’s facing as she juggles the demands of visiting local communities with the need to keep flying to get home for Christmas.

Friday 11th November

School visit

One of the most important aspects of Flight of the Swans is raising awareness along the Bewick’s flyway of the threats facing these intrepid birds on their epic migration. Sam Vardas, went along with Sacha as she set out to inspire future generations during a school visit in Poland.

Thursday 10th November

Best worst flight

Sacha on the treacherous flying conditions she’s facing on her epic migration.  For both Sacha and Bewick’s bad weather can make the difference between success and failure.

Wednesday 9th November

What does our petition mean for the future of the Bewick's swan?

A big thank you to all of you who've signed our petition, we are over half way to our target of 20,000 signatures. If you haven't already, sign here to make Sacha's epic journey really count.

Monday 7th November

Sacha takes a moment to reflect on the challenges she faced during the Russian leg of her journey -  an epic crossing of the tundra and taiga, a reindeer rescue, engine failure and overcoming a dislocated knee - none of it possible without the support of our Russian partners.

Sign our petition to save Bewick’s and make every kilometre count

Friday 4th November

Sacha tells of her frustration at being grounded earlier this week

Friday 4th November

This special friendship between an injured Bewick’s swan and a local lady who has been caring for it highlights not only the threats the Bewick’s face on their long migration but also the importance of the people along the flyway.

Tuesday 1st November

Sacha's in Lithuania and has found tagged swan Daisy Clarke!

Tuesday 1st November

Piecing together the jigsaw at Rakovie Lakes in Russia, a key staging site for migrating swans. 

When a bird’s population is in dramatic decline it’s vital to find out why. Flight of the Swans is working with conservationists, community groups and governments all along the Bewick’s flyway, to generate new knowledge and enthusiasm to conserve this iconic bird for future generations.

WWT research fellow Eileen Rees takes a break from a conservation workshop attended as part of Flight of the Swans to visit Rakovie Wetlands.

The Rakovie Wetlands is managed by the Protected Area Department for the Leningrad Region Administration (Committee for Natural Resources).

Monday 31st October

Catch up with Sacha, about to take her first microlight flight of the expedition.

The microlight is bigger and more robust than the paramotor and was always intended as a back up option for when wind and bad weather made flying by paramotor impossible.

Now that high winds, rain and snow have grounded the paramotor the microlight skills that Sacha learnt over the summer in Gloucestershire with Rob Keene are proving invaluable.

After attending events in Latvia and Lithuania, Sacha is now able to use the microlight to resume flying the route from Tartu, Estonia, making up for lost time.


Friday 28 October

Earlier this month, Ben Cherry and Steve Flanagan set out in their custom made 'floating hide' at Rakovie Lakes in an attempt to film the swans.

See how they got on in this 360 video.

Friday 28 October

We catch up with Sacha at Matsalu, one of the most important staging sites for Bewick’s swans, but previously it was a destination for swan hunters from around the world.

Matsalu is one of many wetlands along the swans’ flyway that has been designated as a Ramsar site, under the Ramsar agreement, which ensures that governments work together to maintain the chain of wetlands that is essential for migrating swans and many other birds.

Thursday 27 October

Sacha's now in Estonia on tonight's episode of Autumnwatch

Thursday 27 October

Why are Bewick’s numbers on the Gulf of Finland increasing, when the general population is in steep decline? Eugene and Yulia from the Baltic Fund for Nature on how Flight of the Swans is encouraging us all to work together to uncover the answers.

Wednesday 26 October

Did you see Sacha on Autumnwatch last night? If you missed it you can catch it on iPlayer for the next four weeks.

It made us feel incredibly proud of our Sacha, and the extraordinary endeavour that is Flight of the Swans. She and the team supporting her on the ground are going beyond the call of duty, and then some, as they strive to help the Bewick’s swans. We salute you!

Tuesday 25 October

See Sacha crossing the tundra on BBC Autumnwatch

Tuesday 25 October

Bad weather has grounded Sacha in Estonia but it’s given her the chance to seek out some of the large flocks of Bewick’s swans that return to the Estonian coast each autumn to feed and rest after the long flight from the Arctic.

Saturday 22 October

Sacha updates us from the Russian border

Wednesday 19 October

Bewick's are on the move. We've been seeing swans around St Petersburg as migrating birds head to their milder overwintering havens.

A photo posted by Flight Of The Swans (@wwt_swanflight) on

Tuesday 18 October

Sacha's 1st Solo Trike flight

Sacha’s now in Estonia and takes her new solo paratrike up in the air for the first time. She’s adapted her previous motor and wing by adding a frame and wheels.

Experience her first flight through this 360 video

Tuesday 18 October

BBC London caught up with Sacha in Russia by Skype

Tuesday 18 October

Sacha sets off to find tagged swan Maisie in her new paratrike


Tuesday 18 October

Sacha and Flight of the Swans hit national TV in Russia with this report by Channel One. No small feat when you consider the channel has a global audience of 250 million!


Sunday 16 October

Introducing the trike

Russian paramotorist Alexander Bogdanov takes Sacha up for her first flight in his two-seater paratrike. This was the first time that she’s been in the air since her knee injury

Take the flying seat in this 360 video...

Thursday 13 October

Sam Vadas on the life on the road, filming the elusive Bewick's and Russian sunsets

Thursday 13 October

Our first footage of the swans during their migration, filmed on the Gulf of Finland


Wednesday 12 October

Sacha on the trials and tribulations of trike paramotoring


Wednesday 12 October

Media coverage is a crucial part of drawing attention to the swans’ plight. We’ve heard that conservation issues don’t often get mainstream attention in the Russian media, but Sacha has had lots of requests for media interviews. It’s just one way that Flight of the Swans is kickstarting swan conservation.

Here she is in a report by NTV.


Tuesday 11 October

Tuesday 11 October

Sacha determined to solider on and staying positive after MRI scan


Tuesday 11 October

Flight of the Swans continues despite Sacha’s injury. Evgeny Genelt-Yanovisky from the Baltic Fund for Nature organised this workshop with school children from St Petersburg to learn about Bewick’s swans. The children wrote messages on swan shaped templates. All along the way Sacha’s collecting these messages from school children and they will all be displayed together at WWT Slimbridge Wetland Centre when she returns this winter.

Monday 10 October

Monday 10 October

Sacha in good spirits on way to hospital after injury

Monday 10 October

Rakovie Lakes near the Gulf of Finland are one place that swans rest up after the long flight from the arctic. Here a couple of the crew of volunteers from Sacha’s ground crew are trying to track down some birds among the marshes so they can film them.

Sunday 9 October

We received bad news from Sacha this morning. She has injured her knee while preparing to take off.

Wednesday 5 October

The taiga forest is the largest in the world and covers much of Russia. It provides a very particular challenge to Sacha. She can’t safely land on open water, as the swans would, and dry landing sites that aren’t roads are hard to come by.

Friday 30 September

Wednesday 28 September

Throughout Flight of the Swans, Sacha and the team are reliant on the generosity and help of local people to get them to the right place, to see the swans and meet the people that the swans pass by each autumn. Phillip was the first, our fixer in northern Russia who joined Sacha in Mezen.

Monday 26 September

Monday 26 September

Sacha looks ahead to the taiga forest

Saturday 24 September

Sacha feels the effects of long periods in the air.

Friday 23 September

Thursday 22 September

Sacha on her reindeer and helicopter rescue after engine failure

Tuesday 20 September

Sacha's first video diary from the tundra

Tuesday 20 September