Agency for Nature and Forest Management (Het Zwin nature reserve)
Province of West Flanders i.a.w.
Uitkerksepolder Nature Centre, Natuurpunt

Paramotor co-ordinator: Benny Vangansewinkel

Aarhus University/Danish Academy of Hunting
The Danish Hunters’ Association
The Danish Nature Agency, Ministry of Environment and Food in Denmark
National Park Thy
Niels Kanstrup, Danish Academy of Hunting
Vadehavet Wetland Centre

Paramotor co-ordinator: Allan Rønn Sørensen

Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU)
Ornithologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Schleswig-Holstein und Hamburg (OAG)

Paramotor co-ordinator: Bjoern Lurben

Estonian Ornithological Society
Estonian University of Life Sciences
Tartu Environmental Education Centre

Paramotor co-ordinator: Ott Maaten

Latvian Museum of Natural History
Lubans Information Centre
Nature Conservation Agency

Paramotor co-ordinators: Normans Graustiņš

Baltic Environmental Forum
Birdlife Lithuania
Lithuanian Nature Research Centre
Lithuanian Ornithological Society

Paramotor co-ordinator: Aivaras Akramas

Dutch Forestry and Nature Agency
Lauwersmeer Visitor Centre Staatsbosbeheer
Nederlands Instituut voor Ecologie (NIOO-KNAW)

Paramotor co-ordinators: Frank Moorman, Pim Leemreise

Biebrza National Park
City of Bydgoszcz
Ornithological Station Gdańsk
Nakło Carp (Karp Nakielski)
Polish Society for the Protection of Birds
States Forests (Lasy Państwowe)
Town of Goniądz
Town of Nakło
Town of Słońsk
University of Kazimierz Wielki
University of Łódz

National co-ordinator: Polish Birds

Paramotor co-ordinators: Black Wings Team

All-Russian Research Institute for Nature Protection
Baltic Fund for Nature
Nenetskiy National Nature Reserve, Naryan-Mar
Institute of geography Russian Academy of Sciences (IG RAS)
Zoological Museum of Moscow University

Paramotor co-ordinators: Alexander Bogdanov

United Kingdom
College of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Exeter
WWT Consulting

International organisations
AEWA (African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbird Agreement)
Federation of Associations for Hunting and Conservation of the European Union (FACE)
The Ramsar Convention on Wetlands
Wetlands International
Wetland Link International (WLI, Network of Wetland Centres)

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