“When we found out what Sacha and her team were aiming to do, we really wanted to be able to get behind such a worthwhile, courageous and inspirational expedition. Our vehicles will give the team essential support across the rugged terrain that they will surely encounter over 4,500 miles from the arctic tundra back to the Bewick’s swans’ winter home at Slimbridge in Gloucestershire. We’re looking forward to seeing some incredible footage!”


RED Digital Cinema

We chose RED digital cinema to film ‘Flight of the Swans’ due to their consistent reliability and reputation for capturing beautiful images even in the harshest of conditions. These cameras are ideal for the challenges our camera teams will face, and perfect to capture - in high quality - the inspiring landscapes and events we will witness over the next 10 weeks.



“As an ethical company committed to environmental issues, we are delighted to be supporting Sacha with high performance, PFC free clothing on her epic expedition.  We know that by wearing Páramo, she will remain warm, dry and comfortable for the 4,500 miles and for many years afterwards too!  We wish Sacha and her team every success on this inspirational journey.”


Rix & Kay

“We are immensely proud to have been asked to support WWT and Sacha Dench’s inspired adventure. The Flight of the Swans is a truly unique project with the potential to do so much to protect the future of the iconic Bewick’s Swan."


Met Office

“We are very pleased to be working with WWT on this exciting project.  The Met Office will aim to help Sacha Dench plan, prepare and hopefully overcome the many weather related challenges she is bound to face en-route.  We will be watching the progress of her expedition with interest and wish her luck with her endeavour.”


Fresh Breeze



Dudek Paragliders are manufacturers of the highest quality paragliders and paragliding-related accessories.

"We started operating in the summer of 1995. Since 1997 we have had on standing offer a full range of paragliders. Our production still concentrates on wings, with some additional equipment such as reserve parachutes, backpacks etc.
Nowadays the especially successful domain are reflex canopies, dedicated for powered paragliding. Simply put, we are the world's leading brand in that segment."


Fujifilm Europe



“BPS (Broadcast and Production Services) are providing the team with Dejero products to enable the team to transmit their videos back to base along with a MILLER ArrowX Fluid Head & Carbon Fiber Sprinter II Stage Legs. When we heard about the Flight of the Swans project, we couldn’t wait to get involved and help out. We are pleased to be able to contribute vital technology allowing Sacha to live broadcast her adventure to the world. We wish the team the best of luck!”

We would also like to thank the following for their support:
Adventure Medic, Attwoolls, Bazaar tents, Blueskyblue, CAA, Coleman, Dick Smith Foods, EMEA, Esprit Films, Foot Flight Paramotors,  Garmin, Gerbing Heated Clothing, Globalstar, G-Technology, Lazarus, Over Farm, Team Bootcamp, Portsmouth University, Max Adventure, MDA Corporation, Mendehlsson pilot supplies, National Trust, Rooftents Ltd., SENA, SJH Projects, Snowlife, Staverton Flying School

And thanks to the following supporters:
Countryside Educational Trust, John Spedan Lewis Foundation, Mo & Ron Warren, Olive Herbert Charitable Trust, Peter Smith Charitable Trust for Nature, Shanly Foundation, Transglobe Expedition Trust


Sir David Attenborough - WWT Vice President

“This expedition is marvellously imaginative and adventurous, and a fitting project in WWT’s 70th anniversary. Peter Scott did similar in his day and inspired the world. That swans should fly from Russia, to come here, is surely a kind of parable - we can live in harmony with nature, and it’s up to us to do so.”